Kathleen Kornprobst

The painter, Kathy Kornprobst, has been known for many years throughout the region of Ingolstadt, Germany. She was born in the USA and resides in Ingolstadt. After completing her art studies in London, England and Nuremberg, Germany, she has worked as a lecturer for the Volkshochschule Ingolstadt – Community College – for over 20 years. Further art instruction includes Seminars at the Gallery Weihergut, Salzburg, Austria with Professor Joseph Zenzmaier and Professor Joze Ciuha from Slovania, along with numerous teaching-training seminars and workshops in Munich, Germany.

In addition, she teaches seminars in Europe and abroad. Kathy Kornprobst has successfully presented her water colors, oil paintings, drawing and sculptures in many solo exhibitions as well as annual group exhibitions along with other accomplished artists at Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany.

Kornprobst's watercolor painting group has been together for 20 years with individual participants having attended from six months to 20 years. The fun of learning and painting, whether in theory or practice, is Kathy's priority. Kathy's personal goal as an instructor is to share the joy of painting as well as provide more knowledge of art history, techniques, and basic theory. Another aspect of Kathy's instruction is the importance of developing each individual's personal signature.

Kathy states:

"For me there is nothing worse than students who only paint like the instructor rather than maintain and develop their own style."

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Kathleen Kornprobst was born in 1952 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As a young teenager, Kornprobst was awarded a summer scholarship at Allerton Federate Art School University of Illinois in 1970. Her art education and trainings include St. Martin's College of Art in London, 1972-1973, and Art Academy of Nuremberg with Professor Voglsamer, 1975-1979. Further art instruction includes Seminars at the Gallery Weihergut, Salzburg, Austria with Professor Joseph Zenzmaier and Professor Joze Ciuha from Slovania, along with numerous teaching-training seminars and workshops in Munich, Germany.

From 1979 – 1984 Kornprobst lived and worked in Bogotá, Colombia, South America. Since 1985, Kornprobst has been on the teaching faculty of the community collage, Volkshochschule – Ingolstadt and Kunstwerk e.V. She travels in Europe and abroad teaching workshops, primarily in Germany and Italy. Further seminars are also held at her studio in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Kornprobst prefers working in the mediums of graphics and painting. She has been a jury member for the Münchner Künstlergenossenschaft (Münchner Künstlergenossenschaft Königlich privilegiert 1868 (MKG) and has held annual exhibitions at Haus Der Kunst, the largest municipal art gallery in Munich, for over 10 years. The annual exhibition has now been moved to the Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst (Municipal Museum for Egyptian Art) in Munich, Germany.

Kornprobst's most recent exhibition, together with artist Matthias Schlüter, was held at the Städtische Gallery Haderbastei in Ingolstadt, (Municipal Gallery) in Ingolstadt, Germany. The exhibition was sponsored by BBK Obb.Nord und Ingolstadt e.V. www.bbk-ingolstadt.de

The highly successful presentation of their images of musicians at the Jazz Festival in 1998 and 2008 , as well as their exhibition of light, space and characters in 2004 at Harder's Bastion are among the highlights of the Ingolstadt art exhibitions.

As a founding and active faculty member of the non-profit organization Besondere Menchen E.V. (Special People - Association for Cultural Arts), Kornprobst's newest project is teaching art classes to young people with special needs.

Planned Exhibitions

2015 Ägyptisches Museum, (Municipal Gallery) Munich, Germany (Munich Artists' Association) - Group Exhibition
2016 Galerie Böhmfeld, Germany - Solo Exhibition

Past Solo Exhibits

2013 Stäadtische Galerie Harderbastei, (Municipal Gallery) Ingolstadt, Germany
2012 Private Clinic, Ingolstadt, Germany
2008 Sparkasse Ingolstadt Hauptfilliale – for the opening of the 25th Ingolstadt Jazz Festival – Ingolstadt, Germany
2005 "Kramer" - House for designer furniture and objects, Ingolstadt, Germany
2004 Städtische Galerie Harderbastei (Municipal Gallery) Ingolstadt, Germany
2001 Hospital Passau Wolf, Bad Greissbach, Germany
1999 "Kramer" - designer furniture and objects, Ingolstadt, Germany
1998 Sparkasse - for the opening of Ingolstadt Jazz Festival – Ingolstadt, Germany
1997 Zum Falken - Hotel , Aalen, Germany
1996 "El Classico", Ingolstadt, Germany
1995 Galerie Messerschmidt , Munich, Germany
1994 Bürgerspital zum Heiligen Geist (Civic Hospital), Würzburg, Germany
1993 Queens Hotel, Ingolstadt, Germany
1992 Galerie in der Stadtmauer, Ingolstadt, Germany
1991 Dresdner Bank, Ingolstadt, Germany
1985 Galerie in der Stadtmauer, Ingolstadt, Germany
1982-83 several smaller exhibitions in Montana, USA
1979-84 several private exhibitions in Colombia, South America
1977 St. John's Church in Eichstätt, Germany

Past Group Exhibitions

2013 Ägyptisches Museum, (Municipal Gallery) Museum – Munich, Germany (Munich Artists' Association)
2002 - 2014 annual participation in group exhibition in Munich´s largest art gallery; Haus Der Kunst with Münchner Künstler Verein

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