Kathleen Kornprobst

Kathleen Kornprobst is a devoted freelance artist. Her work includes several techniques: drawing, painting, printing and sculpture. Kathy’s preferred subject matter is people, whether in portraits, nudes or figures, both classical realism and abstract. Color and light is emphasized in all her paintings. Her exhibitions and shows, both nationally and internationally, leaves the viewer with an emotional connection and or understanding as to why she is so dedicated to her passion for painting.


"These youngsters and I are residents of the same city. I have often seen them together and repeatedly observed the lad´s intense and protective gaze. Rarely are children my choice of subject, but this time I couldn't resist".

Protection was last exhibited at Haus der Kunst, Germany's largest art gallery and has been recently published in the new book, An Artist´s Journey by North Light Books.

"Sharing my attempts to portray people, whom I have met, whether at home or through my travels, is a joyful challenge for me as an artist. Experiencing different cultures in all walks of life is so inspiring. None are alike. Perhaps it is an older face displaying a map of their lifetime with visible pain, struggles or sorrow. Other times it can be the emotions of happiness, contentment or bliss. My aim is to portray facial expressions, capture individual uniqueness, characteristic stances and movement; not only their superficial appearance. If I create paintings that spark an emotion or stimulate inspiration in someone, I would consider it to be a tribute of utmost accomplishment."

BN 30

"Painting people in watercolor has always held a special fascination for me. Until recently however, I avoided doing self-portraits. (this self – portrait is named after my insurance company.)

Being in a wheelchair has changed this. True I have to fight a lot (with insurance companies), with the authorities – and sometimes with inconsiderate people). However, my wheelchair has given me back my mobility. I can get around again and meet people. I realize that I am not alone (“no man is an island”) and I am grateful for all the help and understanding I get from folks I bump into every day. Sometimes it helps viewing things from a slightly different angle."

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